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Upcoming Events

Annual Happenings

Tree Hugger's Ball

Celebrate our beautiful Earth with Live Music, Vendors, Tie-Dye, Mini Golf, and More!!! 

Beatles Fest


Every year we like to honor the iconic fab four. The special two night event is filled with local musical talent and their versions of the Beatles.

Rocky Horror


Virgins and Veterans are guided into the world of fishnets and high heels with  Abilene's own shadow cast, the Untamed Things! 

June 2023

April 2023

Oct 22 2022

Play Faire Park's B.Y.O.B Policy

IF you are a legal adult (please prove when asked) and you can behave like a responsible adult… THEN you are welcome to enjoy your adult beverage along with the great music! PLEASE remember there are families present and we want EVERYONE to have fun. The Park is not a place to get hammered. 

Please pay a cooler charge at the gate (minimum $5).

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